The Eternal Quest – 5. Trials of the Chosen

5. Trials of the Chosen

Chapter 5: Trials of the Chosen

The weeks flew by in the hidden village, each day marked by intense training and grueling challenges. Aric and Liora grew stronger, both physically and mentally, their bond deepening as they faced each trial together. Kael's guidance was invaluable, his experience and wisdom molding them into capable warriors.

One crisp autumn morning, the village buzzed with anticipation. Word had spread that today, Aric would face the Trials of the Chosen. These ancient tests were designed to push him to his limits, to prove his worthiness and readiness to lead the fight against the darkness.

Aric stood in the central yard, the early morning mist curling around his feet. He wore simple training clothes: a tunic and trousers of sturdy fabric, his auburn hair tied back from his face. His green eyes were focused and determined, but a hint of nervousness lingered in their depths.

Liora stood beside him, her raven-black hair pulled into a tight braid. She placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Chapter end

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