The Four Kings of PRIDE – Let's Get This Battle Started!

Let's Get This Battle Started!

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The Four Kings of Pride
Muha Charmons
Damian Charmons
King Bujon the Compassionate
The first mission
The Talk of the Town
The Bandits Strike!
Night Time Scuffle
Assassination On The King!
The Silver Lion!
Mission Complete!
Please Don't Underestimate My Swordplay!
Muha's Entrance!
The Psychotic Muha!
Slice! Slice! Slice!
Yo My Bros!
The Garden!
Uncle Vic!
The Discussion Of Dardre!
Team A And Team B!
Two Journeys One Goal!
Off We Go!
Sailing To Kabre!
Traveling The Seas To Dardre!
Let Me Handle Them Sir!
The Energetic Mondo!
Rough Waves!
A Mother's Worry!
Almost To Dardre!
I See Land Ahead!
Let's Start Scouting Boys!
Damn That's A Big Island!
The Town Of Nook!
How Much For The Cake?!
The Mountainous Kabre!
Here's The Plan!
Mad Dash!
Easy Now!
Weldro Castle!
Let's Search The Castle!
The Golden Door!
The Laid Back General!
Dual Swords Galore!
Come Meet Our Queen!
Welcome To Are Wonderful Land!
The Village Of Sheno!
A Test!?
Are You Snooping?!
The Great Yon Lecton!
Yon Vs Mondo!
Vic The Blue Wolf Balman!
Embed This!
Mondo's Vigor!
Let's Get This Battle Started!
Mixa Vs Muha!
Taking A Peek!
Now That's A Finishing Move!
Pissing Me Off!
Mondo's Dark Nature!
No Running!
My Victory!
Round 2!
Dianne Sear!
Axle Vs Dianne!
Never Underestimate Your Opponent!
I Guess It's My Turn!
Show Me Your Grit!
Vic Vs Mopu The Strongest!
Yon Lecton's Defeat!
We Need To Go!
Don't Blink!
Suvo's Kindness!
Finally Meeting The Queen!
The Queen's Chambers!
Queen Altre!
The Offer!
Remember The Name!
Speeding Out The Castle!
Siblings Quarrel!
Get To The Ship!
King Tiozin!
Tiozin's Disgust!
Word To The Fourth General!
Soul Stealer Mezo!
Souls Are Meant For Taking!
A Message From Tiozin!
It's Been Decided!
Let's Rejoice!
The Puppet Master!
The Pieces Are In Play!
There Will Be Blood!
Team B Heading Home!
Were Home!
Vic And King Bujon's Discussion!
Potential Of A Future War!
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