The Heavenly Demon's Journey to the Magic World – Magic World 3

Magic World 3

The Way of the Sword <

/em>is a sword technique that you will acquire when you entered the stage of enlightenment. This enlightenment is called as One with the Sword <

/em>which is one of the most difficult technique of the sword. This technique is based on the swordsman instincts, experience and intuition with the sword. This sword technique also make you feel that the sword is another part of you body and will protect in direst situations.

Though my...dearest sword before is one that pierced in my heart too. <


I felt sad but continued to contemplate about the technique.

This sword technique will almost feel like a robot that automatically moves in the efficient and systematic ways to protect the swordman, kill and injure the opponent.

As the Heavenly Demon, I practiced the sword to it's utmost limit until I reach the level of the Sword God. <

/em>Though I can't use any of techniques and abilities even the lowest ones now due to my weak body and durability.

This technique is like a passive skill that will be acquired through enough experience, intuition and instincts of the swordman and the enlightenment of the sword.

So I can use this even if I didn't have a strong body. Just instincts, intuition and experience will do as the sword will protect me.

Miss...we should go to the area as<

/em> I pointed out a dark side of the street we walked through

Okay...I understand <

/em>as she walked to that side too.

And the shadow and the assassin followed us.


Is that her...Marquis Fredo's daughter? <

/em>I said when I talked to my buddy near me as we followed the two people walking to the dark side of the street with no people.

Yes...yes...she looks beautiful, I want her when we kill her...Leave her body to me okay?<


Okay...okay...she is yours after we completed the task<

/em>. I said to my buddy

I know what he will do with the girl if the mission is completed so I don't want to talk about it.

We followed the two until we got to the street when there's no people around.

Looks like they are trapped didn't they? <

/em>I said when I look to the beautiful lady in blue dress.

We should...finish the mission as fast as possible <

/em>said the shadow.

We appeared after in this no-man street. And the duo seems to sense us as they readied their weapons. The woman is nervously holding a weapon that looks like a dagger than a sword pointing at us. The man in dirty clothes held his weapon as calmly as possible staring at us.

Hey... miss, please don't resist you know. I don't want to hurt you that much.<


As me and my partner readied our weapon. I looked at the opponent before me. The girl is a known swordman apprentice in Knight of Zeiken. A knight council. This boy on the other hand is like a beggar. I don't know if he can even hold a sword looking at his weak body.

As I leaped out, my buddy remained in shadows and used some daggers to deal damage to our target by throwing it. I used the daggers as cover and swing my sword at the girl. She parried it leading to my buddy leaping out from the shadow and launching an attack to the girl. As the poisoned daggers was swing at the girl. Something unexpected happened, the man swing his sword in simplest way and the dagger that my buddy throw are deflected by it.

Leading to my buddy being in a dangerous situation. The man just simply swing again. No flashy moves, no misdirections and fakes. Just simple swing and my buddy's poisoned daggers is deflected. On the other hand, the girl used all of her strength to fight with me.

I shouldn't...be a burden or we will die on this<


She said that whe she see the boy simply deflecting the attackers by simple swings. No sophistication, no flashy moves unlike her. Just simple swing with no wasted move.

She was as shock as the assassin that fights with her. They both feel the simpleness of that swing yet, it deflects once of the most difficult weapons to avoid with. Poisoned daggers.

The dirty man swing his sword again. Just simple swing and...



The assassin look shocked at buddy when he sees his arm being cut off by a simple swing.

Ahhhh...Fuck it hurts<


The shadow said when he look at his arm. It's bleeding so much. He looked at his buddy and called him. Due to gestures that used in assassination, they knew how dire the situation is.

The dirty man that they thought is harmless are one of the most dangerous they have to fight with.

They disregarded the beautiful woman as she panted for her breath and they want to kill the dirty man.

The man who looks like a beggar used a stance that they never seen before. A stance of using his sword with one hand and pointing it up. Looking so majestic in this stance even though he's looks like a beggar.

It's do...or...die I guess<

/em> as the shadow panted for his breath.

The assassin readied his weapon and leapt to attack the man. The shadow used this ability to sneak in the back of the man.

Haaaa... <

/em>said the shadow as he used the shadows to attack the and he look at the calm man infront of him

Dieeee... <

/em>said the assassin who leaps up to perform a downward slash to the man.

Chapter end

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