The Heavenly Demon's Journey to the Magic World – Magic World 4

Magic World 4

As I swing the sword in the stance of The<

/em> Way of the Sword. <

/em>I noticed their coordinated attack that will befall me. I swing the sword to parry the downward slash of the assassin and used my left hand to punch the face of the shadow behind my back leading to shadow flying at the walls of trashcan near the no-man street. Being parried by the sword, the assassin readjusted himself and swing to performed a side slash to cut my sides. Seeing this, I perform a vertical jump to avoid this slash leading to the hidden shadow that hides from the trashcans and come to suitable place to prey on my unnecessary movements.

I used the momentum of my the Way of The Sword <

/em> to show Equilibrium. <

/em>The balance of the sword to perform and defend attacks. I used body and intuition coupled by my experience and instincts to dodge the attack of assassin leading to him being unguarded and perform a leap and upward slash to the assasin. Leading to his demise as I cut of his head upward leading to his brain matter and head parts being exposed and the blood splattered in the no-man street like a fountain.

Fuck... He's dead...I'm alone now ain't I?<


The shadow seeing this widen his eyes, as he perform a manuever to counter a attack and used his spare poisoned daggers to kill the woman who is behind the man.

I'll die...didn't I?...but I'll make sure I'm not dying alone!<


He threw it as a distraction and used the shadows to sneak up to the woman's side so that he can perform a slash to kill the daughter of the Marquis.

Seeing this, the dirty man using his intuition to predict where shadow will appear. Due to his keen senses that didn't leave him after he transferred to a weak body. He predict that the shadow will appear at the woman's side as he performance a downward slash to the place he predicted the shadow will appear.

The shadow appearing to side of the woman received the downward slash of the man leading to him dying as he is cut of his head. The same as his buddy.

Are you...o-okay? Sir? <

/em> The woman asked while panting.

I'm good...d-don't worry <

/em>I said as i experience fatigued due to moves that I do and slash I used that this body can hold.

What's the... technique that you used? Sir. <

/em>Asked the woman

Simple slash...and simple swing I guess<


I feel my body is staggering and my resolved is failing me as I tiredlessly fall down on the floor of the no-man street.

Shit...my conscience is leaving me<


As I fallen down asleep in a matter of seconds.

Chapter end

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