The Protagonist’s Sister Is Actually The Strongest – Chapter 10: Running And Hiding

Chapter 10: Running And Hiding


As I heard the wolf pack approach, I checked my own Status in desperation.


[Player Name]: [Anna]

[Title]: [Protagonist's Little Sister]

[Level]: [0

/10] -> [7


[EXP]: [0


[HP]: [5

/5] -> [75


[MP]: [20

/20] -> [95


[STR]: [1] -> [36]

[VIT]: [9] -> [44]

[DEX]: [6] -> [55]

[AGI]: [16] -> [65]

[INT]: [34] -> [90]

[WIS]: [57] -> [113]

[LUC]: [-10000] -> [-10700]

[CHM]: [5000] -> [5700]

[Innate Skills (3


[Little Sister (F): Lv1] [Gatherer (F): Lv3] [Crafting (F): Lv1]

[Privileges (4


[Jester's Reverse Fortune (S Rank Privilege)] [Let's be Friends! (F Rank Privilege)] [Little Rabbit's Fearlessness (F Rank Privilege)] [Heartwarming Bear Hug (F Rank Privilege)]

[Plot Points]: [210] [Skill Points: 30] [Stat Points: 35]


Ugh, are you kidding me?! Aside from the insane growth of my Charm stat, all my other stats still kind of suck. Remembering the novel based in this world that my previous life read, my brother got 50 to all stats with each level up if not even more as he Ranked Up.

And to make things worse for me my Luck Stat gets worse every time I level up! What?! I have a -100 Luck growth per level. Could you even call this growth? It is more like a curse that gets worse as I grow stronger. I have to somehow think of a solution to this, eventually.

Damn it, at least I've got my Stat Points! I need to run faster, that's the only thing I can do right now. I have to prioritize survival. Killing them would give some nice EXP, but it's not worth the risk.


[You've assigned 35 Stat Points into the AGI Stat!]

[AGI]: [65] -> [100]

[The effects of [Jester's Reverse Fortune (S Rank Privilege)] have been activated!]

[Your LUK Stat has been reversed from -10700 to 10700 for this event only!]

[Oh? What luck! Your AGI stat has increased by an additional 20!]

[AGI]: [100] -> [120]

Wow. So it also works like that! Luck can also affect things such as boosting stats, that's insane! As long as I have this bizarre Privilege, at least I'll be lucky in the things that matter to me. Although I blame this bad luck on the pack of wolves that showed up right after I beat a boss. If it wasn't for the {Maiden that Watches Over Nature}, who completely healed me as a gift, I would be half-dead, or already being eaten by wolves.

Chapter end

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