The Protagonist’s Sister Is Actually The Strongest – Chapter 55: Baihe’s Abilities

Chapter 55: Baihe’s Abilities


It has been four days since I came out of the hospital, and we've spent these days resting while at the same time helping Baihe familiarize herself with our home. My brother has been slightly paranoid about our safety, so while he was out going into dungeons and danger zones to level up, he always left a Fenrir's Doppelganger to watch over the two of us.

I've spent these four days mostly meditating and cultivating my physique, spending my Ki and Mana every day to refine my physical body and strengthen it further. I also taught Dan Baihe to do the same, and through a potion I made for her using the materials of high-ranked frost-type monsters, she awakened her own physique, which ended up being named [Eight Layered Frost Heart Physique].

It was a mysterious power she never possessed in her previous life, and this was thanks to her cultivating and utilizing her Yin energy to forge a physique in her body. It was also thanks to my sponsorship, which enhanced her growth and development amazingly well.

Her physique was already Tier 1 Rank 2 after just two days of meditation, showing her talent, which was further boosted by my sponsorship. Also, I've made sure to feed her some more Magic Crystals compatible with her, and her stats have steadily increased, though I decided to stop for now.

If Hunters absorb too many Magic Crystals of the same type or monsters, the effects will be lost after a few; the stronger they are, the faster the effects vanish. Even giving her a Yeti King Magic Crystal barely increased her stats.

She'll have to absorb different monsters' magic crystals now or drink potions, which she does every day. Overdoing it with this special physique and stat-boosting potions specifically made for her own strength and affinities might hinder her growth by making her body break due to having too much power flowing through her.

Nonetheless, sitting around is not everything we do. We went to register her as a hunter, and due to the many reported acts of kindness that we did in that dungeon break, including saving the lives of many people, we earned enough contributions to become E-Rank Hunters right away!

F-Rank hunters barely have any benefit, but from E-Rank, we're finally getting something nicer. For starters, by showing our medals in the Hunter Market or in the physical shops around the city, we can receive a discount of 10% off on anything we buy.

Additionally, we can gain access to buying equipment right away instead of having to make it ourselves. Lastly, we can access guarded Danger Zones or Dungeons that have yet to be closed on the outskirts of the city or any city within the territory of North America.

We are still restricted to D-Rank Danger Zones at most, but that'll suffice to be allowed to enter the Newbie Hunter Drills that are happening at the end of this week.

Oh right, and today, we were having a little spar because I wanted Dan Baihe to practice her magic and grow more accustomed to fighting, something I also need to learn better.

Chapter end

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