The lost chronicles of Eldrida – The Lost Origin

The Lost Origin

Chapter 19: The Lost Origin

Lyra and Kaida delved deeper into the mystery of the Umbra, only to discover a shocking truth: the entity was not a product of Lyra's psyche, but a remnant of her forgotten past. The Umbra was, in fact, a fragment of Lyra's original self, created when she was torn from her true origins.

This revelation led Lyra and Kaida to the long-abandoned Realm of Genesis, where the secrets of Lyra's creation lay hidden. They uncovered ancient artifacts and forbidden knowledge, revealing that Lyra was not born in Eldrida, but was instead brought into existence by an ancient civilization as a key to unlocking ultimate power.

The truth shook Lyra to her core, forcing her to confront the nature of her existence and her purpose in the multiverse. With this newfound understanding, she realized that her destiny was not predetermined, but rather a choice she had the power to make.

As Lyra grappled with her newfound identity, a new challenge emerged: the Architect, the enigmatic being who had created Lyra, returned to claim her as their own. The Architect sought to exploit Lyra's powers to reshape the multiverse in their image, and only Lyra and Kaida stood in their way.

Chapter end

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