The lost chronicles of Eldrida – The Meta-Mind

The Meta-Mind

Chapter 25: The Meta-Mind

Lyra finally escaped the Infinity Loop, but not without scars. As she emerged, she discovered a new presence within her mind - a being known as the Meta-Mind.

The Meta-Mind was a sentient, cosmic entity born from the collective consciousness of the multiverse. It possessed knowledge and power beyond Lyra's wildest dreams and offered to share its secrets... at a price.

The Meta-Mind revealed that Lyra's journey was not just about saving the multiverse but about becoming something more. It proposed a merge, where Lyra's individuality would be enhanced by the Meta-Mind's vast knowledge and power.

Lyra was torn. This union would make her an unparalleled force in the multiverse, but at what cost to her own identity? As she deliberated, a new challenge emerged: a rogue faction of cosmic beings, the Entropy Brotherhood, sought to exploit the Meta-Mind's power for their own destructive purposes.

Lyra faced an impossible choice: merge with the Meta-Mind, risking her individuality, or resist, potentially dooming the multiverse to the Entropy Brotherhood's chaos.

Chapter end

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