Wife's Cheating Sex Life – Chapter 11: Hao (5)

Chapter 11: Hao (5)

Feeling herself being tightly embraced, she gently twisted a little, only to find that her whole body was crispy and ambiguously sore.

Grumbling and complaining, she found a comfortable position in the solid embrace, letting the man behind her surround herself properly, chasing away the slight chill of autumn.

'Who are you, little slut?'

Satisfied, he watched the babe in his arms rubbing herself comfortably against him like a pampered cat, her smooth back pressed against his warm chest .

The rounded delicate buttocks were also densely pressed against his belly, her legs were even intertwined with his, he liked the way she was snuggling up to him.

Hands flirtatiously playing with her white breasts, one by one flicked the top of the crimson, low hoarse question.

Slightly closing her eyes at the words, she rolled her eyes indecently to the man behind her.

Really, why do you love to give yourself some unpleasant nicknames: little slut, little goblin, little slut...

Hmph, I'm not!

Tutting her mouth in silent protest, but she couldn't help but arch her body slightly, sending her itchy breasts towards his big hands.

Shouting in a delicate voice, 'I won't tell you!'

Feeling both breasts being kneaded and rubbed harder, the sensitive tips of the breasts were also gently twisted and rubbed delicately by both fingers, so comfortable ...

'Ah ... mmm ...'

Closing her eyes, she sighed contentedly, the pleasure of her nipple tips making her sensitive pussy pits stir again.

'Gee ... what a wavy baby.'

Sighing at her sensitivity, her hands worked harder to tease her with desire.

Delicately turning her body over to face him, she wrapped her hands around his thick neck and winks, 'You, don't like it?'

After saying that, she deliberately raised her chest and drew circles close to his chest, letting her swollen breast flesh mohawk against his solid muscles.

Hiss ... damn he liked it!

The desire that had just subsided was quickly aroused by her boldness.

Lowering his head to kiss the red lips in front of him, he entered her sweet little mouth forcefully, chasing her pink tongue and mimicking the motions of intercourse.

'Well ...' the intertwined tongues made ambiguous sounds, 'Ah ...'

Panting, Stepford pushed him away, the intense kiss leaving her almost breathless. Collapsing helplessly against him, she looked down to see the culprit who had just caused her to scream.

'So, so big ...'

Awe-struck, she gently nudged a finger to its raised, rounded end.

The throbbing rod was long and thick, about the same as a few of her other playmates', but it was unusually huge at the tip, so it was no wonder it hurt so much when she just entered.

Although at the end of the day it was also exceptionally soulful is all, but ... this size ... ah ... just imagining it... ...makes her stupidly excited.

Proudly up it, let her thin tender white fingers well set his blazing heat, Hao lazily lying on the bed, hands also hard to play with her magnificent breasts, 'You, do not like it?'

Learning her tone, lazy rhetorical question.

Hiss ... pretty nipple tip was pinched hard, the smooth feeling from the nipple tip dispersed to the whole body, like it ah.

Hands more vigorous but to please him, up and down the sleeve, small hands to the huge grip, close tighten and then let go, fingertips are baked hot, sensitive pussy hole is beginning to stir up from the inside.

The mixture of his murky fluids and her nectar from earlier slowly made its way down the thin slit and out, sliding over the inside of her slippery thighs and dripping onto his thighs.

'Looks like you like it a lot.'

Hao divided one hand downwards, probing into her slippery pussy, both fingers nonchalantly mashed up, making the liquid flow more and faster, his thumb also hardened against the hardened nub and quivered.

'Mmmm ah ... ah ...'

The teasingly hushed tone of his voice caused Stepford to pout and try to retort, but his next move left her with nothing but a lustful moan in response.

There it was again, the tingling and numbing sensation coming from inside her pussy hole, the feeling of wanting to be pampered by a man so badly defeated reason once more.

She pushed herself up, feeding the tip of one of her lonely breasts into Hao's mouth for him to suck and nibble on, swinging her waist and hips to gulp his fingers, letting them rub against the in and out of her itchy honey channel, letting the pleasure build up a little.

She tossed her head and sighed, 'Ahhhh ... ah ... ah ... mmm ...

Chapter end

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