Wife's Cheating Sex Life – Chapter 4: Office Sexting (1)

Chapter 4: Office Sexting (1)

The room was silent, and the rapid breathing slowly calmed down. 

Huo embraced his wife, not in a hurry to withdraw the receding rod from her secret pussy, dark hands deliberately rubbed and squeezed the snow-white breasts, a strong contrast between black and white so that the breasts filled with thin perspiration is more lewd. The wife lowered her eyes, let him play, not yet recovered from the intense lust, let herself reminisce about the splendour of the orgasm.

Slowly withdrew the softening rod, due to less blockage, the cloudy white liquid mixed with transparent nectar, kept flowing out from the slit, the Stepford Wife slightly wrinkled her eyebrows, and pressed her hand against the mouth of the hole, her sensitive body couldn't stand even such a slight provocation.

'Tsk ...'

Setting aside Stepford Wife's small hand, Huo badgered one of his fingers to feed into the thin slit, scraping the liquid out of his pussy, 'Squeeze it out for you, okay?'

'Ah ah ... mmmm ah ...'

Stepford gasped softly and took hold of his messy hand, 'No, no need ... yah ...'

She pushes his fingers away and weakly picks up her trench coat and puts it on, struggling to calm her breath on the sidelines.

Without stopping her, Huo got up and dressed, eating his long-cooled lunch.

'Continue in the afternoon?'

Huo asked, raising an eyebrow after he'd had his fill.

The Stepford Wife leans against the window and stares blankly, hearing the sudden question, she can't come back to her senses for a moment, and stares blankly at Huo's handsome face, a bewildered look that is endearing to the eyes.

This has long been accustomed to Huo patiently asked again, 'Continue in the afternoon?'

'Wow ... okay.' Stepford wife looked down and thought for a while, inclined his head and asked, 'You are free in the afternoon?'

'Yes not free,' Huo got up and walked towards her, 'but you can steal it.'

Wrapping an arm around her waist he helped Stepford to her feet, 'Interested in doing it in the office?'


Stepford looked at him in confusion, hadn't they agreed not to touch each other's lives? If go to the office will be too flamboyant ...

Huo seemed to see through her misgivings, reaching out to ruffle his soft black hair while explaining, 'Don't worry, I promise I won't bump into anyone.'

Finally looking at the Stepford Wife, who has finished dressing up and has returned to her appearance as a demure young girl, his eyes flash with a hint of hidden thoughts, wickedly seductive: 'Also, it's guaranteed to be more exciting than any other time.'

Stepford Wife's interest was aroused, 'Oh? That's ... true,' thinking darkly,

Chapter end

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