Will you be my father? – You just won't take no for an answer!

You just won't take no for an answer!

Anna ran her fingers nervously on the sand. “Hmm, Its better if I invite you first.” She proposed. That way she can stop drooling over him. she might control herself better. “What’s with that face?”

rHe looked as if he scored a hundreds points. His mischievous smile, deceived him a lot. It was certain that he was up to no good!

rStill Anna knew that she won’t fall for such tricks. She was more mature and after her divorce she learned to control her feelings. She was fully confident about herself.

r“I’m just excited to try anything you would cook for me.”

rOh **. She forgot. “About that , ” She cleared her tone. “I have only sandwich, ham and tomatoes. And eggs.” She bashfully added. “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that I would have guests.”

r“After a nice swim, a light dinner would be very welcome.” He was ready to try anything she would cook for him. A clumsy feeling as he stared at her. “Do you need some help?”

r“No need. Ill manage.”

r“I heard that guys looks quite temping when they do chores as preparing diner,” he flirted. “maybe I can sway you off your feet!”

r“Hmm, still so roguish. As I said it won’t work on me.” She started preparing their dinner. After a few minutes they sat down on the beach, the air was still sweet but a little cold now.

r“Mmmmm…delicious!” He complimented.

r“I hope your praising is not just a part of your flirting.” She shrugged.

rHe denied. “Why are you hoping that I would flirt with you?”

r“I hope not.” She lied.

r“See now that we shared a dinner, how about we share our name as well?”

r“NO. I think we better be off as strangers.” She said again.

r“Why are you so scared of?”

r“Listen if we mingle, then the phone number will follow, then email, then bla blab la…..” she said.

r“So I understand you don’t like commitment.”

r“Let’s just say that I have some priorities at the moment. “ she defended. “I’d like to sort them first.’’

r“Well, Miss Stranger.” He stood up. “It’s been a pleasure spending this special moments with you. I hope that we could extend it.”

rShe felt her ears hot. “I think it’s better if we get some rest now.”

r“ Yes its quite late. I should say that you are quite interesting… “ he agreed. “you make me curious to know more about you now.”


r“Yes.” He leaned closer to her. Maybe too close. “I would certainly like an opportunity to know more about you.”

r“I’m sorry if I gave you that impression.” She tries to take her hand back, but he won’t let go. Instead he dragged her closer and dispose a quick kiss on her cheeks. And whispered , “Good night.” And let her in daze, he walked away back to his yacht.

rAnna pov

rWhat the hell happened? How things turn out as that? I was supposed to be alone and avoid these kinds of moments. Then how could I make such mistake? She felt a loud burden on her mind all a sudden. She washed herself with some clean waters, she bought. And changed into a warm, comfortable dress. She stretched her legs and yawned lazily. She took out her Harry Potter book and start reading, until her eyes went heavy and she fell asleep.


Chapter end

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