Will you be my father? – First kiss!

First kiss!

Alex pov

rI woke up in the morning, as always, to take some pictures of the waking dawn. While I strolled to the front of the island, I was stunned. A small figure walked on the wet sand, she was naked. Her body had all the perfect curves. Her hair fell on her back as silk. She walked into the water gracefully. She winced a little as the cold water touched her naked self. A few minutes, she dived into the sea. I stood there, feeling my breath struck in my throat. A clumsy pain in my heart as I watched her.

rFor a moment all I wanted to do was run to her and pressed her against my body, feeling every curves of her small figure against manly chest.

rNow that I’m holding her in my arms I can feel her sweet vanilla scent engulf my senses. I wonder how will it feel if I rest my lips on her. The thought itself was enough to give shivers all over me.

r“And there’s another truth.” He added after a few seconds. “I hope next time when you go for an early swim, you would invite me. I would love to cherish this moment with you.”

r“Well, I always appreciate an early swim in the morning.” She smiled, trying to keep herself real. “Especially when you are naked. It helps me eased up all my fatigue and laziness. Thanks the coffee is nice.”

r“I hope that you would find dinner delicious as well.” He added.

r“Excuse me?”

r“It means I’m inviting you over for dinner today.” He proposed.

r“As long as you don’t act roguish. I’m in.” Damn girl, keep your mouth to yourself. Her mind keep reminding her. But she can’t ignore the fact that she does feel like a magnet that keeps dragging her towards him.

r“I didn’t know that my charm was so tempting.” He lied.

r“No tempting, but annoying if it’s not too bold to say.” She teased. It was surely amusing to see how his face turned pale.

r“Really? You mean to say, whatever I do, you won’t be swoon.”

r“As I said, I’m too mature to be tame by childish dialogue.”

rBefore she could react, the latter dragged her into his embrace, cupped her face with his two palms, and bend closer. For a moment it felt like their warm breath merged as one. “Even if I do something like that?” he whispered. They stayed like that for a few more seconds.

r“Like I said, I’m far more mature than that. “ she surely felt her feet stumbled, but she can’t show that feeling.

r“That’s disappointing.” He answered. Her face still cupped by his palm. “Maybe I should try otherwise.” Before she could say anything he pressed his lips hard on hers. It was a quick kiss, but she felt her heart engulfed by a twinge of pain.


Chapter end

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