Will you be my father? – Stop...this is wrong!

Stop...this is wrong!

“I wanted to peek outside as well.” He added innocently.

r“Oh. I thought its high time you return to your yacht. I mean here I only have this small tent.” She tries

rto act convincing.

r“Oh no am good.” He smiled. “And besides I really want to see how much time would you need before you crack.”

r“What the hell?” she was taken aback by his answer.

r“I took it as a challenge.” He confessed. “ I never came across any woman who would practically push me away.”

r“So it’s like that “opposite attracts rule”?” she understood. “ I’m sorry if I gave you that impression but believe me nothing matters to me. I don’t want any kind of relation at the moment or challenge for that matter. I only want peace of mind and some alone time to myself.” She explained. Although I can’t ignore the fact that I’m attracted to him. Oh my mind…so confused!

r“Still lying to yourself?” he took a longer breath.

r“Listen what should I do for you to believe me?” she felt exhausted. She had to look convincing. She can’t let him affect my life. Not now.

r“Kiss me.” He simply said.

r“Please stop bluffing.” She chuckled.

r“I’m not.” He looked serious this time. “If you kiss me without any real pleasure then I’ll believe you.” She still looked dubious. “And I won’t bother you furthermore.”

r“Really?” But be careful Anna, he is just a womanizer. he is an old player. I didn’t kiss anyone for almost a year now. Maybe it’s a good thing because he would think that I’m not interested and leave from here.

rShe nodded. “Fine I agree. But you have to own up to your words.”

r“Sure. Just one thing, I do feel when someone fakes.” He warned.

r“Oh, believe me. I won’t need to fake.” She was sure of herself.

rThe rain was clashing against the tent. The wind blowing outside. It felt like one of those perfect romantic scenes she would read in books. But she never anticipated that one day she would live up a scene as that. Her vanilla scent was still looming in the air. She moved closer to him. She hesitated for a moment, but finally dragged his shirt with a certain strength. And pressed her lips against his.

rHe closed his eyes, allowing himself to enjoy that one moment he dreamt of. God she is so sweet. Alex opened his mouth, allowing her to slid her tongue inside his mouth. The next moment he grabbed the back of her head and pressed her harder against his body. She is so tempting! I want to hear her moans. Please moans for me!!!

rOH! No, this is getting out of my hands. I can’t seem to let go of him. I want more. He is really a good kisser. The way he is playing with my tongue. Please I need to stop. I have to let go. That voice reasoned with her again. She used her full force to push him away. He is not leaving me!!

rNot now! It’s not over yet! Alex could feel her body so hot against his. He could tell that she was

renjoying herself. He pushed himself on her, and they both fell on the soft beach mattress that Anna used as bed.

rShe let out a moan. YES. “More.” He whispered.

r“Stop.” She managed to say.

r“No…” instead he held her hands up, crossed them above her head. And he deepened the kiss, allowing his saliva on her soft lips.


Chapter end

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