Will you be my father? – Hello to you too!

Hello to you too!

“Like I said. Listen here’s a tip, when he will be infront of you, just imagine him naked. I’m sure that it will go smoothly.”

r“And how is this gonna help me through an interview?” She raise an eyebrow.

r“It will surely breaks the awkwardness from inside of you. Try it.”

r“I think I’ll take a pass, I’m done dealing with naked man at this moment. I need peace of mind.” She confessed, running her fingers through her messy hairs.

r“Your lost , sister. But seriously be prepared. Because , Stella also told me that he is really stern when it comes to business.”

r“OK, that’s the complete opposite of whatever you just said.”

r“Well I wanted to keep a low profile.” She admits. “Just be yourself, everything will follows.” She added as she walked out of the office.

rAnna paced across the huge space till she reached the final conference room. The atmosphere was still tensed or was it just her? One thing she was sure, she was indeed feeling quite nervous about that interview. It felt like her first time. On second thoughts, it was more than that but she can’t put a finger on it. She did have a strong six sense, and she had a really clumsy feeling about that. Like she was really going to be in deep trouble. Ultimately, she reached the double wooded door. She bit her lower lips, feeling a light goosebumps along her arms. She took a longer breath, time to face reality! She thought. She knocked twice, before opening the door.

rThe room not the largest one but it did seemed big enough. Maybe because it only pertained an office

rtable, and three chairs, The windows and curtains closed. A dim white light was on. And a small shelf at the back of the office table. Seated on his chair there he was. His face hidden behind the computer screen. He was so busy that he didn’t even bother to lift his head up to see who was in the room. Or even saying a good morning. Well, Anna happened to be as stubborn as well she stood next to the door awaiting. Her arms crossed, she stood. It started well! What a rude man. I better keep my mouth to myself. Be careful Anna,you can’t afford to miss that job. She kept reminding herself.

rShe cleared her throat. ‘’I’ve heard you the first time itself. NO NEED TO STAND BY THE DOOR. Come in.” THAT VOICE? She would recognize it within a million. Could he be? NO THAT CAN’T BE. THAT CAN’T BE!!!” Her mind sang as she approached the table. Her heart beats faster, as she finally see his face. THAT’S IT! She felt everything scramble around her. It was him. The past she had been avoiding. How could that have happened. “YOU?” That’s all she could say.

rHis perfect emerald green eyes finally stared back at her. He was stunned as well. She could tell. He drop his pen on the table and finally stood up. “YOU?”


Chapter end

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