Will you be my father? – Why am i attracted to you?

Why am i attracted to you?

‘’Fine, i like to read most of the time. And whenever the occasion would call for it i would just grab my stuff and go siwmming. I love the sea. The salted water helps me to clear off my mind, and music. I love dancing, and painting.’’ That was true. And he knew it.

r‘’Now we are talking.’’ He walked around the table and finally stood next to her. He bends before her, his hands on both side, holding the chair she sat on. He brings his face closer and whispered, ‘’A person as that, devoted with such passion, seriously needs special attention and care, don ‘t you think ?” There he goes again.

r‘’And a person as that would appreciate if people would stay the hell out of her personal life.’’ She stayed firm on her decision. His face went blank and pale, assured her that he got the message. ‘’Any more questions ?’’

r‘’How you feel about being an escapist ?’’ He crossed his arms.

r‘’Excuse me ?’’

r‘’Its not about the interview, just general knowledge.’’


r‘’Yes, because i think you like sneaking on people after getting what you’ve wanted. Too scared to accept the consequences of your decision. And don’t even deny it because I’m speaking from personal experience.’’

r‘’Ouch !That’s hurts.’’

r‘’Just a victim expressing himself.’’ He smiled lightly.

r‘’i would say it doesn’t matter now. And will never matter. So you don ‘t need to worry about that.’’ She bit her lips. Like she always does when she would feel nervous or in denial.

r‘’Its does matter. It always has. And i won’t take it for birds.’’

r‘’Someone ‘s ego hurt ?’’

r‘’Oh please ! Not my ego. My heart maybe .’’ he confessed. He threw himself on the chair in front of her. He fixed deep into her eyes, running his fingers on his lips. ‘’ Maybe i was hoping the girl who shared the night with me, to be lying next to me when i wake up the next day. I would have liked to cherish the first glance of her in the waking dawn. How she looked when the first light touches her hairs.‘’ His fingers playing with her small tresses.

r‘’Maybe I should leave, my colleagues must be awaiting and I have to prepare for the courses.’’ She stood ready to leave.

r‘’So I was right about you being an escapist.’’ He teased.

r‘’Well, I can’t certainly judge your thoughts, so… ‘’ she turned to make her way towards the door, when he grabbed her waist and dragged her into his arms. It did felt great to hold her once more…much that he hated to admit it, but she did made an impact in his life. Every damn day he would think of her. What’s so special about her ? He just couldn’t put a finger on it.’’


Chapter end

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