Will you be my father? – Handsome trouble!

Handsome trouble!

“Oh, I’m sorry.” An apologetic voice said. And there he was. Half naked, showing his clean shaved abs and bold shoulders. His hairs fell on his forehead, and he was bare foot. Only wore a white jean short. He extended his hands forward. Allowing the latter to grab it . And he dragged her back on the rock. “I sincerely apologize.” He said again.

r“Well, it’s ok.” She sheepishly added. “A good thing that the rock is not a sharp one.” Anna took a moment to study that person in front of her.

rThere goes my fasting about staying away from man. Why he had to be here? I need to stay away from him. I have to. He too handsome and eye catching. I have to stay away from him.

rHer mind keep humming all the time. she cleared her voice. “Excuse me. I’ll just return to my part of the island.” She clumsily said. “Sorry to have bothered you.”

r“Your part?” he giggled. “I’m sorry I thought that it was a public island.”

r“It is.” She nodded. She couldn’t find any other excuse. Maybe she just need to be frank. “Well let’s just say that I don’t like company. I prefer to be on my own.” She hope it would work.

r“I noticed.” He agreed. His voice sounded rough but as well it was a sweet sound to the ear. “I dare say that sometime the best way is to have a company to enjoy every once in a while.”

r“But for me.” She finally looked at her MP3. It was broken. Completely soaked in salted water. “I like to enjoy music most.” At least she still had her books to keep her entertained.

r“Seems like I own you one.” Alex guiltily added.

r“No need. I have money I can buy one.” She proudly said. And she ran back to her tent.

r“Interesting!” he whispered to himself, as he watched her fade away between the pine trees.

rAlex let go a sigh!

rWow, thank god she is gone!!!! It was so tempting to stand so close to her. Especially, the view of her body! Her clothes stick to her body like a second skin. And her nipples, showing inside the white cloth, almost made me to want to rest my lips on them.

rI thought that my days here would be peaceful, but I was wrong. There she is already disturbing the

rpeace of my mind. I wonder how she would taste like. The sweet fragrance of her body mixed with that salted sea water. I must say miss stranger, you caught my attention!!!

rAnna was making coffee, from the gas stove she brought with her. She wrapped her beach towel on her tiny self. The sweet breeze was enough to dry off the salted water off her body. Although it was accidental, but she liked the water. After so many days, she finally let herself into salted water. Her body felt so relaxed. she closed her eyes, as she laid on the mat, under the shadows of the pine trees, the smell of the coffee. How she wished to have her music playing right now. Huh! But at least she is alone. As she wanted.

r“Looks tempting.”


Chapter end

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