descent._meaning – Chapter 4: Minerva

Chapter 4: Minerva

Not much is known about civilization before the descent of the Great Cataclysm. What fragments we possess are shrouded in mystery, their secrets obscured by the relentless passage of time. Yet, from these obscure remnants, we gather that the Great Cataclysm was a cataclysmic event of unparalleled magnitude, plunging the world into chaos and irrevocably altering its course.Six portals of blinding light materialized without warning, heralding the onset of this tumultuous period. These Gates, as they came to be known, were not merely ethereal anomalies but conduits to realms beyond our comprehension. From their radiant depths emerged creatures of nightmare and wonder, their presence casting a long shadow over the world.The immediate aftermath was pandemonium. Cities vanished overnight, consumed by waves of monstrous entities that poured forth from the Gates. Societies, once bastions of stability, were plunged into desperate struggles for survival. Kingdoms crumbled, and from the ruins, new alliances were forged in the crucible of conflict.The Great Cataclysm was a period of profound transformation, reshaping the very essence of our world. The appearance of the Gates and the subsequent advent of the system that came after disrupted ancient hierarchies, catalyzed unprecedented advancements, and set the world on a new and unpredictable path.Excerpt from page 67 of

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